Congratulations for Joining Global Internet Fortunes network marketing business. When getting started in network marketing and especially Global Internet Fortunes (GIF), it is important to first focus in understanding the basic skills or the basic foundation of a network marketing business. The 8 Basic Building Blocks is easy to learn and duplicate putting in mind that duplication is the cornerstone of network marketing.

Always sit with your new sign-ups and downlines and discuss the 8BBB with each of them One-on-One.

BBB 1 – THE DREAM: identify what you want to achieve


As you get started, What is your Compelling Reason for starting the businessVision and your Dream? Without this being very clear in your mind, I almost can guarantee that you will fail in this business. The foundation of your business is your dream. Your dream is something you desire so badly that you are willing to pay any price to achieve it. This is very crucial because you cannot start something without a clear vision of where you are going.  Get a piece of paper and write down your dreams NOW! This way you will never forget. Your dream makes you realize that there is something out there you want to achieve and there is something keeping you alive. Your dream is your motivating factor that will push you to success in this business. ‘If Your Dream Is Big Enough, The Facts Don’t Count’

BBB 2 – COMMITMENT: Commit to your goals, to the business, and to the system.


Commitment means making a decision and stick by it no matter what. The beauty of Network Marketing (GIF) is time flexibility but the amount of time and effort you put in determines your results. How many hours per day do you want to commit to doing your GIF business to be able to achieve your dreams? Always ask your new sign-ups this question so that you can know the amount of effort and attention to focus on each one of them. The higher his/her commitment, the more your attention to him/her should be and vice versa. Don’t over push those with low commitment but still don’t give up on them, continue working on them and bit by bit their level of commitment will grow.  Also you must make a commitment to yourself to grow in this business by attending events & trainings, listening to audios/videos and reading books. Training is part of Power of Association – surrounding yourself with the right people.

BBB 3 – NAME LIST: Write down a minimum of 150 names of people you want to invite for the business.


This is the most essential task a Network Marketer needs to do. If you don’t create a name list, your chances of succeeding in this business is very low. The mental process of writing down each name and phone number is important to your growth in Network Marketing (GIF). Research has it that an average person knows more than 200 people, so write a name list of at least of 150 people. Do not prejudge anyone for that is the biggest mistake you can make in this business. Your name list should include everybody and anybody you know. Write the Cold, Warm and Hot list.

BBB 4 – THE ACT OF INVITATION & PROSPECTING: Your prospect list should keep growing daily.


Be careful not to share too much information on the phone when you call to invite a prospect. We have Non-Professional invitation  I.e Invitation for your warm/hot name list and Professional Invitation –I.e the invitation for your cold market. When inviting be confident and do not panic, don’t get scared of inviting. Always remember that for any invitation, you need to have and always maintain a good posture. Come to think of it, who needs who more? Your prospects need you more than you need them. This is YOU – Good Looking, Good Smiles, and Confident with a fantastic unbelievable business opportunity which is GIF. Your invitation should be done short and sweet.

Your name list should not remain stagnant; it must keep increasing on a daily basis. You ensure this by Prospecting i.e. going out to find new people to put on your name list/ prospect list. Never underestimate anyone you meet because they could be the most powerful and strongest leader you ever recruit in your team. He/she could open a brand new market for you. Go out of your way and meet new people online in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, job sites, Skype, etc. You can also make friends offline and get new contacts by always having your networking radar on as ypu attend social functions, parties and interact with people on a day to day basis and get their contacts then add them to your name list.

BBB 5 – SHOWING THE PLAN:  Present the plan and make it effective and be passionate.


Do not be afraid of presenting your opportunity. No presentation is wrong or right. It’s like a rubber band, you can stretch it anyhow, just make sure you don’t break it. Your presentation should include: Company Profile, Products, Compensation Plan and income Projections. The most effective is the One-on-One presentation. The first presentations can be done by your upline or have your guests attend a the GIF Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM) organized by the company while you sit, watch, observe and learn. Always edify your upline or presenters properly before you have them meet your prospects. Edification is for the business not the personality.

If you want to show the plan;

1|Determine the right Environment.

2| Avoid wining and dining with prospects, it will save you a lot of money

3|Dress smart or professional. Dress, Walk and Talk like a Millionaire.

4|Always be Punctual even if your prospect is not.

5|Prospects will always want to ask you questions. Always say: ‘Please hold your questions until the end of the presentation’.

6|For One-on-One presentations, only use a paper and a pen, because it is easy and duplicable.

7|Present to at least 15 people a month consistently.

8|Your presentation should be short (45 minutes to 1hour (max).) Only extend if the prospect’s questions are intelligent.

9|Always maintain your posture, do not be desperate.

BBB 6 – FOLLOW UP : within 48 hours

follow up.jpg

It is very important to follow up on your prospects/guests within 24hrs to 48 hrs after showing the presentation.This is because people may forget. So, strike when the iron is hot. Follow up allows you to handle objections properly. You can use the 3Fs strategy for their objectives, saying something like; ‘I understand the way you FEEL, I FELT the same also but this is the wonderful thing that I FOUND out’. If a prospect says ‘No’, remember the 4SW – Some Will, Some Wont, SWhat? Some are Waiting. But Keep them In View so that you can always invite them if there is a major event by your company or show them your progress and they are missing by not being in your team.

BBB 7 – COUNSEL UPLINE: (don’t reinvent the wheel)

This is very crucial. As a New Person in GIF or Network Marketing, before you do anything about your business always Consult your Upline/Sponsor/Inviter because this is a journey you have never traveled before so you need the guidance of someone who has and your Upline is the solution. Your working Upline is you life-line. At GIF you can consult 5 uplines above you for skills and even coaching. 

Golden Rule – Negative/Bad News should be shared with your Upline, Only good news should be shared with your Downlines.

Incase you are having challenges in the business always share them with your uplines, while success and great news are shared with downlines so as to motivate and encourage them to grow.



The key to success in network marketing is duplicating yourself or your effort. whatever you learn, all you know and do, always teach your downlines to do the same ASAP. Duplication is the key to success in Network Marketing or GIF. The faster you start to duplicate, the faster your success.

Now you have it! Here is the 8BBB of your GIF business. You have to make a decision to do it. Put your passion into everyday of your business. Give your 100% everyday and you will achieve your Dreams including Time and Financial Freedom.

‘Life can either be a daring adventure or nothing at all’ – Hellen Keller.


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